One of the most rewarding and fulfilling aspects of life is having meaningful employment. Good jobs mean a better life – for you, your family and our community. JobSource is committed to helping people find better employment, in fact, its one of our longest running programs. JobSource is a Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act service provider with programs including among others, job training, certification assistance and short-term tuition assistance.

Feeling stuck?

Are you stuck feeling under-prepared, lacking training or generally struggling with employment issues? Many common issues are:

  • I didn’t finish high school.
  • I have some college/post college credits but didn’t finish.
  • I have a college degree but need more training.
  • I am under-employed or cannot advance further in my job.
  • I am currently unemployed and seeking work.

Working together with WorkOne, JobSource can help you find more meaningful and gainful employment. Everyone is eligible. A better job is closer than you think.

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