JobSource is in the business of restoring people’s hope in and possibility for a brighter future. While all of our work is focused on this task, no project encompasses this mission like the Wigwam Revitalization Project. Watch this video to learn about this historic and critical landmark and how it’s rebirth is a small but powerful representation of the rebirth of a community, not a building.



About the Project

Opportunity is the great variable of fulfillment.  Opportunity to explore, learn, discover, and nurture talent and interest.   While lack of opportunity is often correlated with economic disadvantage, lack of opportunity exists across the entire spectrum of our county regardless of income or other variables.

Discovery of talent and self is a complex dynamic.  One knows it, senses it, sees it, feels it when he/she experiences that magical moment of union between heart, mind and soul.  No one household, regardless of income, can possibly provide all the experiences necessary to allow for endless possibilities of talent and self -discovery.  The Wigwam provides the opportunity to discover, nurture, display and mentor talent through quality, hands-on programs designed for multiple areas of potential interest.  How does one know what shines brightest in the future unless the opportunity to engage and explore are available?

The programs are designed to engage and immerse participants with opportunities which they might never otherwise have the chance to explore.  The programs are designed to find the current and next generation of talented painters, artists, scientists, engineers, technology inventors, actors, vocalists, instrumentalists, dancers, athletes, healthcare professionals, community activists and citizen leaders.

Through an interactive, community focused environment, exploration of passion and talent occurs across many genres and generations.  An eight year old taking acting classes may well perform in a community theatre with individuals many times his/her age, and with people he/she may never have had the opportunity to meet.  New relationships form.  New mentors arise.  New friendships happen.