For many young people, the world is far too limited and small. One of the keys to finding passion in life is having access to activities and exposure to careers that allow you to dream bigger for your life. JobSource’s Move Beyond initiative allows young people have immersive experiences in a variety of areas giving them an opportunity build self esteem, develop passions, and uncovered hidden talents.

Program Details

Traditionally held during school breaks of fall, spring and summer, Move Beyond youth camps provide a variety of unique experiences for kids.

Immersive and intentional, these camps are designed for learning and discovery rather than simple recreation.  The students are challenged beyond what they believe they might be able to accomplish, and delighted when they see achievement in short spans of time.

Camp activities often includes activities like tennis, swimming, Spanish, music and reading.  Campers learned how to play a game of tennis, how to swim and life save, how to speak basic Spanish phrases and understand a different culture, how to play scales on a keyboard and read notes on a staff, as well as storytelling and reading new and exciting books.

The Move Beyond Youth Program is a joint program along with Operation Explore with our two wonderful partners, Anderson Community Schools and the City of Anderson.

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